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Wired to Work: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Total Rewards

May 1, 2019
Accenture Innovation Hub
500 West Madison
Chicago, IL 60661 
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As the Future of Work grows increasingly complex, organizations are challenged to develop Total Rewards programs that engage employees in meaningful ways. Subsequently, there have been many efforts undertaken around issues of pay fairness, transparency, social recognition and employee wellness. However, many of these initiatives fall short because they fail to consider the most fundamental piece of the equation: the human brain. Why people are attracted to their jobs, how long they stay and when they leave are, most essentially, questions of human behavior. This program will focus on what science can tell us about our “wiring” and how these factors affect workplace behaviors such as motivation, performance and relationships. It will provide ready-to-use insights to help industry leaders examine their organization’s goals in the context of what we know about the brain and how it affects performance at work.

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